Understanding Liability in Animal Attack Cases, Dog bite treatment


An animal bite, especially a dog bite can cause a lot of damage to a person’s lifestyle. It may lead to serious illnesses and eventually death especially if the dog had not been given proper medications like vaccination against such serious diseases like rubies. This therefore raised an alarm of how the victims can recover their damages from the dog’s owner.

Once Bitten

The first step, once you have been bitten by a dog is to rush to the nearest hospital to seek medical attention, once ignored, it can cause serious injuries and infections and even death and therefore it is not good to assume or ignore bites.

dog bite infographics

Once you have been medically evaluated, then you can proceed to the next step of consulting a lawyer with vast experience on such cases as animal bites. The lawyer will be able to advise you on whether you have a legal claim, and the amount of damages to recover from the owner of the animal. The lawyer will require such information from you as the name of the owner, their contacts, and witnesses.

Once you are not able to provide this information, you can seek help from neighborhood and from the witnesses. The witnesses will help you by recording a statement.

You should also get the names and contacts of the witnesses as well so as to contact them once need be, especially in the legal proceedings where they will be required to testify.

Understanding Liability in Animal Attack Cases, Dog bite treatment

dog-bite-claimsUpon deciding who is responsible for a dog bite, the very first thing to know is the owner. This is termed in some states as “strict owner”. This is upon those animals that are known to attack others. In this case therefore, the owner is considered responsible of their animals’ harmful actions, whether or not they are aware of the dangers possessed by their animals. They might have little or no knowledge of their animals’ behavior but that do not deter them from baring responsibility of their animal actions. Sometimes the animal bites, dogs, are mishandled and therefore leading to the eventuality of an accident. However, determining whether the animal owner was/is aware of the dangerous characteristics or not can be very challenging. a question will arise of whether the owner needs to know the harmful characteristics of the animal, or he needs to know the potential harmful characteristics of the type of an animal. For example, if a person domesticates a python, then they are visited by guests at their homes, and it happens the python bits one of the visitors, does it mean that the owner should not be held responsible, simply because he knows that pythons are harmful and dangerous or the animal is potentially harmful and dangerous.

dog-in-chainHowever, we may have a minor animal owner. In this case, the parents of the minor (under 18 years) will be held liable/responsible for their child’s animal harmful action, even if the parents were not directly involved with the animal.

Landlords may also be held responsible for an animal’s behavior when they have knowledge of a tenant with a dangerous animal in his compound and has not taken any necessary action towards the tenant.


In understanding liability in animal attack cases, then it is important to get through the stipulated processes like seeking medical attention first, then proceed to the legal process with the help of a vast experienced attorney in handling animal/dog bites cases.